[Current Projects]

Gingin Trails Master Plan

Transplan Pty Ltd has been contracted by the Shire of Gingin to prepare a plan for the ongoing development and/or upgrading of trails throughout the Shire.

The Plan will focus on an existing trail in each of the three sub-regional areas within the Shire of Gingin (being the Lower Coastal Region; Upper Coastal Region; and Gingin and Rural). The overall aim is look at how the existing trails can be enhanced.
The three existing trails are listed below:

1. Lower Coastal Region: Guilderton Boardwalk/Lookout (including trails along the Moore River and Silver Creek).
2. Upper Coastal Region: Hinchcliffe Lookout Lancelin (and connecting path system).
3. Gingin and Rural: Three Bridges Trail (also known as History Walk Trail).

Consultation with key stakeholders in each of the three principal towns is crucial to the successful development of the trails plan.

Gundagai Rail Trail – Trail Development Plan

Transplan Pty Ltd is again working in tandem with Mike Halliburton Associates (of Brisbane) to prepare a detailed trail development plan for the proposed Gundagai Rail Trail, a 4.6km pathway through the urban areas of Gundagai, north and south of the iconic railway viaduct across the Murrumbidgee River floodplain.

The trail development plan will provide the Cootamundra Gundagai Regional Council with a blueprint for the construction of the pathway, taking into consideration clearing, path surfacing, drainage, signage, road crossing treatments, privacy fencing/screening, trailhead development, fencing, bridge replacement and various safety issues.

Swan Valley Tourism Cycling and Walk Trail Project

Transplan Pty Ltd has joined forces with Sally Malone (Sally Malone Design) and Jesse Brampton (Kulbardi Hill Consulting) to review the existing route(s) of the Swan Valley Cycle Trail (and its interpretation) with a view to recommending to the City of Swan a more coherent and easily navigable cycle tourism route.

The tasks include the review of the (current) circuitous cycle trail routes and the development of one logical route, that takes visitors past the many attractions of the Valley. Appropriate locations are to be found for the installation of new interpretive panels that features the essential Aboriginal and European cultural history of the region.

The brief states the tasks as being:

Design of new Cycle/Walk Trail

  • Create a new single cycling/walking tourism trail to replace the existing Swan Valley Heritage Cycle Trail. The new trail must have no extension or detour routes.
  • The new trail must provide an interesting cycling/walking experience to promote tourism in the Swan Valley. The Consultant is responsible for developing a trail theme that is marketable to a clear target audience.
  • The new trail must, through interpretive signage, provide a multicultural experience – tell the multicultural stories of the Swan Valley. Trail interpretive signage should focus on site specific cultural and historical information including, but not limited to, Aboriginal and Mediterranean Australian heritage. The Consultant is responsible for determining the accuracy of content and placement of all trail signage.